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USA – ‘What happened to selling chocolates?: Bikini-clad woman gets tasered in front of group of men FOR CHARITY’ (2014-04-04)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The British Daily Mail tabloid publishes this article on a You-Tube video that has gone viral – about a disgusting recording of a barely-clad girl who undergoes a taser discharge “for charity”. This is part of the taser story and so merits inclusion here. The charity is (according to a background voice) […]

USA – US Airman grabbed in groin by tasered colleague (2013-09-18)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : This is not a joke (as it was seen in the video) – but an indication of how people targeted by tasers may react violently. In this case it involved voluntary tasering of US air-force personnel. A female US airman suffered great pain. A colleague supports the woman to prevent her […]

FRANCE – Sarkozy: “Le Taser, ‘vous l’avez essayé sur vous?’” (Sarkozy asks a policeman: “You’ve tried the taser on yourself?”) (2011-02-04)

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04/02/2011- FRANCE – Sarkozy: “Le Taser, ‘vous l’avez essayé sur vous?’” (Sarkozy asks a policeman: “You’ve tried the taser on yourself?” (2011-02-04)
POLICE. Au cours de sa visite au commissariat d’Orléans, ce jeudi 3 février 2011, Nicolas Sarkozy a interrogé un policier à propos du Taser. «Vous l’avez essayé sur vous?». Réponse positive du policier «C’est la règle. Ça permet de voir les capacités du matériel».
Mourad Guichard

USA (military) – US Air Force Troops Laugh as Comrades Get Zapped by Taser (2009-04-29)

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LiveScience Staff Writer, By Stuart Fox, The Air Force recently released a video of airmen shocking each other with Tasers during a training exercise. Air Force leaders want the airmen to feel the effects of the nonlethal weapon firsthand so they can better judge its appropriate use, said a man identified as Staff Sgt. Brandon […]