SAUDI ARABIA – In worrying new trend, tasers prove a hit among youth (2013-08-12)

Published on August 12 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Warning of the widespread availability of taser guns (generic tasers? Or TASER-manufactured?), supposedly for self-defense, and how these will be used to carry out criminal activities, despite being potentially lethal ]]

Saudi Gazette report

DAMMAM – Taser guns are commonly available and widely popular among the country’s youth, worrying many that the guns, which are known for incapacitating their target by sending a high-voltage electric shock, will be used to carry out criminal activities.

Used for self-defense, the devices temporarily paralyze their target and in rare cases, can even cause death if preexisting medical conditions exist.

Although the devices are heavily regulated in the Kingdom, a black market flourishes. The devices can also be bought over the Internet and delivered to the Kingdom for as little as SR400.

Young Saudi men are largely unaware of the dangers of taser guns and many admitted to using the weapons against their friends.

The majority of people interviewed in a report published in Al-Riyadh newspaper said they kept the devices for defending themselves against attackers on the road. Others said they kept the weapons at home and encouraged their wives to use them in the event an intruder breaks in.

“It is important to have it for self-defense against home intruders and thieves. It could be very dangerous for the family if it was stored improperly or if children were allowed access,” said Abdullah Al-Qahtani, a citizen who owns a taser.

Majed Al-Yami, head of the emergency section at Ras Tannura Hospital, said electric shocks can be fatal or cause severe injuries.

“It could negatively affect the body muscles, especially the heart muscles. It could damage vital organs, particularly the kidney. Such devices should not be used because people are ignorant about their dangers. If someone is shocked more than once in five seconds, it could lead to internal bleeding and death,” said Al-Yami.


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