SOUTH AFRICA – 3-year-old Johannesburg boy tasered [with a generic stun-gun] for bed-wetting (2013-09-12)

Published on September 12 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Note, this does not involve a TASER International  product but does show the potential for unacceptable abuse …: The 19-yr-old mother of a 3-yr-old is facing assault and possible attempted murder charges following a video made when she “tasered” her son for bed-wetting.]]

JOHANNESBURG – Police have confiscated three video clips, allegedly showing a three-year-old boy being tasered for wetting the bed.

Effectively a stun-gun is a device that puts up to a million volts … it gives an individual a terrific shock.

The child’s 19-year-old mother, her brother and her boyfriend have been charged with assault and attempted murder in connection with the incident.

His mother and uncle are out on bail, but the boyfriend, who’s accused of wielding the stun-gun, remains behind bars.

A trial date is expected to be set next month when the three are back in the dock.

“Effectively a stun-gun is a device that puts up to a million volts depending on the device. It’s something like a cattle prod … it gives an individual a terrific shock,” says gun shop owner Dave Sheer.

Authorities say it’s not the first time the woman has been accused of mistreating her son.

He has been removed from his mother’s care on three separate occasions due to neglect and abuse.

This time, both the little boy and his baby sister have been placed with guardians.



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