UK – Home Office Information about new TASER International products (2010-12-10)

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Information about TASER International products.

Date: Thu Dec 10 15:15:36 GMT 2009


The Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) has ordered 5 of the current XREP Cartridges and one X12 shotgun for limited evaluation. HOSDB has entered into a tripartite assessment programme with the National Institute of Justice in the US and the Canadian Police Research Centre in Canada to jointly fund an independent assessment of XREP by Wayne State University. An assessment of TASER International’s initial design (later classed as a prototype) was carried out in February 2008 and presented at the European Working Group on Non-Lethal Weapons conference held in Ettlingen, Germany in May 2008.

TASER International has re-launched the XREP at their own conference this year after making a number of improvements. The rounds are due to be re-assessed by Wayne State University in the Autumn. If this assessment is promising, a more detailed assessment programme would be developed and undertaken to identify and address any possible medical implications of their use.

If the assessment of the current round proves promising and testing moves forward to the next stage, the report on the new round would be made available on the Home Office website in the same way as assessments of the TASER X26 and M26 hand held units have been.

TASER Shockwave

HOSDB has in its possession one TASER Shockwave. This has been borrowed from the UK agents for TASER International to assess whether it can be modified to provide a test rig for providing controlled release of TASER cartridges. It is not being considered for use in the UK for its original purpose.


HOSDB purchased 5 TASER Cam devices for evaluation purposes. We still have these in our possession. A report on the evaluation has been published on the Home Office website at the following address:

More information regarding the Code of Practice for Police Weaponry can be found on the Home Office’s Police website at the following address:

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