USA (?) – Batman Arm Armor with Pip-Boy iPhone Dock (2011-12-23)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : [From an unchecked web-site …. ] This clearly is NOT a TASER Inc. product, but a name-borrowing App, inspired by Batman pyrotechnics with a taser-like stungun. The claim is: The Armstar – said to be partly owned by Kevin Costler – is a stun device, camera, flash light, and optionally an iPhone / iPod. Next step: an iPod that fires real bullets?  See visuals and other links in the article at the link at the bottom of the article.]]

Obama Pacman website, by OP Editor

Batman inspired Armstar Kevlar arm armor available with iPhone doc

This armor is not the next Ironman prototype nor a cosplay prop for Batman, Fallout, or Leela from Futurama. The Armstar is a stun device, camera, flash light, and optionally an iPhone / iPod.

Over the past several years, the BodyGuard has evolved into a platform system that can be worn for personal protection and includes a variety of modules to meet the needs of military and law enforcement reminiscent of the fictional representations in “Robocop” or “Iron Man”. However, this product was not invented for the movies, but rather to save lives and is now available for purchase.

Is it legit? Actor Kevin Costner, is said to be a partner and co-owner in Armstar. (The product is created by inventor David Brown).

Could such a device could be useful? Although Steve of The Firearm Blog says “I cannot see this product catching on”, comment by Spawnofbill:

Imagine a world where cops’ taser can’t be pulled away from them, where they can wirelessly pull up someone’s rap sheet just by snapping a photo of them with this thing, get GPS directions no matter if they’re in a patrol car, motorbike or on foot, record witness statements at the scene.

Maybe solders can launch artillery fire with this armor + iPhone?







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