USA – Coweta County, Georgia: Was a Taser necessary for high school streaker? (2012-11-15)

Published on November 15 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A blogger makes the simply point: why taser a young streaker ? AS harmless prank. Sixteen-year-old Gunner Cook was dared to strip to his boxers and sprint across the field during half-time? He did this and was about to be tasered, except the officer tripped. No “excessive force”, the police say. He has to be “disciplined” [read: tortured?]. ]], by Alexis Stevens

It’s been a few minutes since I was a teenager.

OK, a lot of minutes.

But high school pranks were around long before my time. I mean, who hasn’t headed out in the wee morning hours with enough toilet paper for a third-world country? Was anyone spared from those infamous “kick me” sticky notes?

Apparently, pranks have changed. At a Friday night high school football game, a 16-year-old boy was dared to strip to his boxers and sprint across the field during half-time.

And he did it. Now, Gunner Cook is in big trouble. He’s facing a criminal charge and suspension from school.

Thursday night, his mother told Channel 2 Action News a Coweta County deputy overreacted when he tried to use a Taser to stop the streaker. The deputy slipped as he tried to deploy the Taser. As the deputy escorted Gunner from the stadium, the deputy allegedly used vulgar language when telling students to get back in the stands.

Gunner’s mom says the Taser was too extreme for a harmless prank. But Coweta County Sheriff Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager told Channel 2 no excessive force was used. The teen’s actions deserved discipline he said.

I’m betting Gunner won’t be showing off his boxers again any time soon.

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