USA – Miami Beach, Florida: Crowd Turns on Police Officer After He Tasers Man in Florida (2011-08-18)

Published on August 18 2011 by admin

[[ Summary / Comments: Video shows onlookers protestiung against police use of tasers against unruly clubbers]]

VIDEO available at URL

MIAMI BEACH – Video uploaded to YouTube shows a crowd turn on a police officer while he is trying to make an arrest in Florida.

User DOCTORDEA, who uploaded the video, says the incident took place Saturday at a Wet Willies frozen daiquiri bar in South Beach.

Video shows what appears to be a fight in progress at the bar. A police officer emerges from the scuffle and aims his taser at a subject. He then fires the taser and takes the subject to the ground.

Several witnesses to the incident swarm the officer. One man can be seen grabbing the officer around the neck. Another can be seen throwing a punch at him.

The tasered man gets to his feet and is eventually taken down when other officers arrive to assist.

It is unknown how many arrests were made.

Charges, if any against those arrested, are unknown at this time.

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