USA – Mississippi Police Force Faces More Lawsuits for Alleged Taser Abuse (2011-03-07)

Published on March 9 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: numerous lawsuits for abusive use of tasers are in process against Mississippi towns… ]]

The city of Waveland, Mississippi, and its police department are facing six more lawsuits from people who allege abusive tasering by officers.

The Biloxi Sun Herald reports that Mayor David Garcia has been named in the suits, that have been filed in U.S. District Court, along with a number of current and former Waveland police officers.

According to the news source, the city faces a total of 11 lawsuits which claim abuse and civil rights violations by the police department. In one case, a woman reportedly claims that officers roughed her up and tased her when she was four months pregnant.

Garcia has reportedly questioned his role in the legal actions because the allegations of abuse happened during a previous administration. Garcia reportedly issued an order one week after taking office in December 2010 requesting the police chief remove all of the laser guns from the department while the allegations of abuse remain under investiation.

Garcia told the news source that the order to remove the non-lethal electroshock weapons, which use an electric current to incapacitate a person, was not an admission of guilt on behalf of the department but rather a move to make the department more “people friendly.”

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