(2014-03-12) USA – TASER Press Release: TASER Announces Multiple Orders of Smart Weapons [[taser rollout // TASR-AAXN // corporate spin]]

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ — (Marketwired) — 03/12/14 — TASER : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986503&type=1&am .. (NASDAQ: TASR) today announced multiple orders of its TASER® brand conducted electrical weapons (CEWs) and its next generation Smart Weapons. These orders are expected to be shipped in the first quarter of 2014. Additional agencies deploying TASER SMART Weapons” are not, presumably new orders. Note the X26 is hardly mentioned

Significant new TASER Weapon deployments:

• Chesterfield County Police Department (VA): 170 TASER® X2™ : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986506&type=1&am .. Smart Weapons

• Department of Defense: 500 TASER® X26™ : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986509&type=1&am .. CEWs

• El Paso Police Department (TX): 85 TASER® X26P™ : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986512&type=1&am .. Smart Weapons

• Fayetteville Police Department (NC): 90 X26Ps with TASER® Cam™ HD : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986515&type=1&am .. recorders

• Georgia Department of Corrections (GA): 72 X2s

• International order: 800 X26Ps

• New York Police Department (NY): 300 X26s

Additional agencies deploying TASER SMART Weapons:

• Arizona Dept. of Corrections (AZ): X26Ps

• Basehor Police Department (KS): X26Ps with TASER Assurance Plan

• Boone County Sheriff’s Office (WV): X26P with TASER Assurance Plan : cttymarketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986518&type=1&am ..

• Bradley Police Department (IL): X26P

• Chambersburg Police Department (PA): X2s

• Cherry Hill Police Department (NJ): X2s with TASER Cam HD recorders

• Cincinnati Police Department (OH): X26Ps

• Colorado State University Police Department (CO): X2s, upgrade

• Cook County Sheriff Court Services (IL): X2s

• Costa Mesa Police Department (CA): X26Ps

• Decatur Police Department (IL): X26Ps, upgrade

• Easley Police Department (SC): X26Ps, upgrade

• Fayetteville Police Department (NC): X2s

• Flagstaff Medical Center (AZ): X26Ps

• Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office (TX): X26Ps

• Hampton Township Police Department (PA): X26Ps

• Hardin County Detention Center (KY): X26Ps with TASER Assurance Plan

• Irving Police Department (TX): X2s

• Justice of the Peace Courts (DE): X26Ps with TASER Assurance Plan

• La Paz County Sheriff’s Office (AZ): X26P with TASER Assurance Plan

• Lebanon Police Department (OH): X2s with TASER Assurance Plan

• Livermore Police Department (CA): X2s with TASER Assurance Plan

• Louisville Police Department (KY): X2s

• Manheim Township Police Department (PA): X26Ps

• Marion County Sheriff’s Office (OR): X26Ps

• Metro Nashville Police Department (TN): X26Ps

• Morganton Department of Public Safety (NC): X2s and X26Ps

• Naples Police Department (FL): X26Ps, upgrade

• Nappanee Police Department (IN): X26Ps

• New Castle County Police Department (DE): X26Ps, upgrade

• Niagara Falls Police Department (NY): X26Ps and TASER Cam HD records with TASER Assurance Plan

• Ocala Police Department (FL): X2s, upgrade

• Oneonta Police Department (NY): X26Ps with TASER Cam HD Recorders

• Petersburg Police Department (VA): X2s

• Portland Police Bureau (OR): X2s

• Prince George’s County Police Department (MD): X26Ps

• Racine County Sheriff’s Department (WI): X26Ps

• Richland Hills Police Department (TX): X26Ps

• Ridgeland Police Department (MS): X26Ps

• San Juan County Sheriff’s Office (NM): X2s

• Stoughton Police Department (WI): X26Ps

• Supreme Court of Ohio Police (OH): X26Ps, upgrade

• Switzerland County Sheriff’s Office (IN): X26Ps with TASER Assurance Plan

• Towson University Police Department (MD): X2s with TASER Assurance Plan

• Union Township Police Department (OH): X26Ps, upgrade

• Vermont State Police (VT): X2s



• X2 Photos: http://www.taserbranding.com/law-enforcement-products/taser-cews/x2/press-images-2/ : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986521&type=1&am ..

• X26P Photos: http://www.taserbranding.com/law-enforcement-products/taser-cews/x26p/press-images/ : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986524&type=1&am ..


• International Websites:

o Brazilian: http://br.taser.com/ : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986527&type=1&am ..

o French: http://fr.taser.com/ : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986530&type=1&am ..

o German: http://de.taser.com/ : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986533&type=1&am ..

o Spanish: http://es.taser.com/ : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986536&type=1&am ..

o United Kingdom: http://uk.taser.com/ : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986539&type=1&am ..

TASER Social Media Links

• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TASER.International : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986542&type=1&am ..

• TASER Blog: http://blog.taser.com/ : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986545&type=1&am ..

• LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/71228 : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986548&type=1&am ..

• YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/taserinternational1 : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986551&type=1&am ..

• Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/OfficialTASER : ctt.marketwire.com/?release=1097294&id=3986554&type=1&am ..



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